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Follow Your Spirit – Here's A Slice of Mine…

Welcome to Infinite Colours! My name is Dianne and I am the founder and creative force behind this copper wire crystal necklace shop. I'm so glad you're here, and I hope you find something that speaks to you. I have always been fascinated by the natural world and, in particular, the beauty and power of crystals. I started making crystal jewellery as a hobby, and soon found that I was passionate about sharing the magic of crystals with others. I believe that crystals have the power to help us heal and grow, and I am committed to creating copper wrapped crystal necklaces for sale that are not only beautiful but also infused with positive, clean energy.

But this isn't all that I do, more of my creations will be added to the shop soon!





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My Background

I worked in Harrods at the Clarins counter, applying make-up to help people to feel their best. I also have experience in painting and decorating homes, creating comfortable environments for people. Both have taught me to appreciate the beauty and power of colour, and how it affects our mood and feel of a space differently.




My Passions

Creativity & Colour

I have always been passionate about creativity in all its forms. I also love colour in all its variety and combinations, and how it influences our mood, energy and well-being. From the painting and decorating of pots, to oil painting, to designing copper wire crystal necklaces and jewellery, I find enjoyment in creating something beautiful and unique. I believe that  creativity is a powerful expressive force that can help us connect with ourselves and the world around us. In my copper wire crystal necklace shop, you'll see how I love to play with different colours, tones, and hues to create vibrant and dynamic looks.


 I love to learn new skills, and discovered an interest in oil painting on canvas whilst studying for a HND in Fine Art.


 Also, I realised I had some carpentry skills. This was my first woodwork piece.


Wood is a lovely medium to wood with, I also did some wood carving.


 I do love to sew, it would have been hard not to, with my Mum being a seamstress and Dad a tailor. I mainly sew soft furnishing now and will be adding   a range of cushions to this site soon. I do still have this warm cream throw depicted below in stock, please contact me if you are interested.




Animals and Nature

When growing up, I loved spending time in our garden and nearby parks observing the wildlife, it gave me a strong connection to nature and animals from a young age. Like my parents, I enjoy growing many plants and find peace whilst in my garden. Being around nature and animals can be very soothing and comforting. I do love all animals, but in particular I have a soft spot for cats. I have three cats and find their playful energy and independent nature to be a constant source of joy and inspiration. They are also very intuitive, and can read your mood faster than you can! I am incredibly grateful for their companionship and presence in my life.




Why I Cleanse My Stones

Or, more accurately, should I say your stones? At Infinite Colours, I take the extra step of cleansing each stone before sending it out from my copper wire crystal necklace shop. I use white sage to cleanse and recharge the stone with sunlight or moonlight. This ensures that every product is infused with clean energy and that any negative energy it may carry is removed. That way, the stone is ready to help you on your journey of healing and discovery as soon as it gets to you.

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