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Abena Range (Large) Strawberry Quartz

( AB(L) 8 )


Strawberry Quartz pendant with a cage design style copper wire wrap.

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Size (cm) H - 6.5 W - 2.5
Weight 24g

Joy, Love, Soothing


Strawberry Quartz has an uplifting and joyous vibration that brings love into the heart and creates a loving environment. This stone is able to amplify intentions of love, generosity and gratitude, and radiate these vibrations outwards. Strawberry Quartz’s healing vibration enlightens the heart chakra and lets you naturally open up and explore parts of yourself that you once closed off. Its powerful love vibration brings heart centered awareness and revealing realizations about the self, helping to acknowledge and alter negative emotional patterns.  This makes it ideal for anyone suffering with anxiety, depression or other emotional disorders. Strawberry Quartz’s nurturing properties help you to love yourself, value yourself and find your life purpose or true path. If you have been stuck in a bit of a rut, Strawberry Quartz helps to transform these feelings so you can see the happy and beautiful aspects of life once again. This stone’s uplifting vibration enables you to live consciously and joyfully in the moment, look on the brighter side of life and help you to see the humour in all situations. Although Strawberry Quartz has a powerful connection to the heart chakra, it can make the connection between your crown and crown chakras stronger and bring them into harmony with each other. This can provide an inner peace and strength that can’t be disturbed by the fast-paced often stressful times we live in.

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