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Abena Range (Medium) Blue Chalcedony

( AB(M) 15 )


Blue Chalcedony pendant with cage design style copper wire wrap.

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Size (cm) A: H - 5 W - 1.5 B: H - 5.5 W - 2.5
Weight_1 A: 9g B: 13g

Calming, Communication, Emotional Balance


Blue Chalcedony radiates a serene vibration in ways that soothe your whole being, even when stress is pushing you to the limit. It is a very nurturing stone that is excellent for those who tend to worry, it helps you to center yourself, feel more positive and removes self-doubt. This stone enhances your self-awareness, increases your confidence and boosts creativity by opening your mind to new ideas and situations. Blue Chalcedony's vibration encourages you to be more responsible for yourself, especially your words, without becoming too serious about it all. This stone is also known as the Speakers Stone and is connected to the throat chakra. It promotes and improves clear communication and can enhance group stability. Blue Chalcedony is especially helpful for anyone doing public speaking, it's calming properties gently removes anxiety and help bring out a more light-hearted approach. For those that experience bouts of irrational anger, panic or anxiety, this stone is very good at bringing emotional balance and can help break these emotional patterns by dissolving them. Capable of boosting communication skills, even telepathy, Blue Chalcedony also enhances your listening skills, improves your memory and stimulates the ability to learn new languages.


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