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Abena Range (Meduim) Chevron Amethyst

( AB(M) 3 )


Chevron Amethyst with a cage design style copper wire wrap.

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Size (cm) A: H - 6.5 W - 2 B: H - 5.5 W - 1.5
Weight_1 A: 8g B: 9g

Protection, Balance, Meditation


This very distinctive stone combines the stress relieving qualities of regular Amethyst with the elevating and strengthening qualities of quartz. Chevron Amethyst is particularly good for working on the third eye and crown chakras as its vibrations are more powerful and amplified in this stone. Although Amethyst is one of the most common crystals, it is an extremely powerful stone that has a high spiritual vibration. It is one of the most spiritual stones and provides spiritual protection and purification. This stone shields you against psychic attack and changes it into love. Amethyst is well known for bringing a sense of calm, it brings its sweet soothing and grounding vibrations to you in an uplifting way. This stone acts as a natural tranquillizer and can help relieve stress and anxiety, and clears your mind of negative thoughts and emotions. Amethyst helps improve your mood by balancing your emotions and making you feel more optimistic, confident and able to find strength in chaos. This stone can make a wonderful companion when going through overwhelming emotions such as grief, loss and sadness as it centers the emotions. Amethyst can help you find the strength to give up bad habits and overcome addictive behaviour. It has the power to enhance memory and mental clarity, improve decision making and increase your intuition.  This stone is connected to the crown and higher crown chakras and encourages the third eye to open. It is the ideal stone to enhance psychic ability, increase spiritual awareness and connect to the spiritual realms. If you have an over-active mind, Amethyst’s serene vibrations can assist in helping you to get a more restful sleep.


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