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Olalpa Range Lapis Lazuli

( OL 8 )


Lapis Lazuli pendant with a zig-zag design style copper wire wrap.

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Size (cm) H - 7 W - 3.5
Weight 43g

Truth, Communication, Wisdom

This very royal stone was a favourite of the ancient Egyptians and was said to contain the soul of the gods. Lapis Lazuli’s healing vibration possesses huge amounts of serenity, it can quickly release stress bringing deep inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts. This stone reveals inner truth and gives you the courage to confront this truth and accept what it teaches. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier, it stimulates the higher mind and activates psychic abilities. It is connected to the throat and third eye chakras, and has a strong link to the spiritual realms. This stone is good for bringing self awareness and reminding you of your own worth. Lapis Lazuli harmonizes the body, emotions, mind and spirit and brings deep inner self-knowledge. It stimulates the desire to gain knowledge and understanding, it can assist in you learning more effectively is great for enhancing your memory. Lapis Lazuli is extremely helpful if your confidence has been dented and your struggling to put yourself out there. It can help the expression of feelings and emotions, and encourage creativity. It teaches the value of active listening and can bring honesty and compassion to the wearer. This stone’s vibration is an excellent tool for bonding relationships in love and building close friendship. Lapis Lazuli is also a powerful protector, it recognizes psychic attack, blocks it and sends the energy back to its source.

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