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Olapa Range White Howlite

( OL 10 )


White Howlite pendant with a zig-zag design style copper wire wrap.

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Size (cm) H - 6.5 W - 3.5
Weight 28g

Calming, Protection, Patience

White Howlite has an extremely calming vibration and its soft and soothing properties remind us to bring more gentleness into our lives. It calms communications, encourages emotional expression and is an effective tool for relieving insomnia. The amazing calming effects of White Howlite is capable of slowing the heart rate down, cooling fiery tempers and quieten the chatter of an over active mind. This stone is full with compassion and sensitivity, and a whole array of healing properties. Its gentle vibration raises our awareness and gives us clear vision to help us attain our ambitions. White Howlite is an exceptional absorber of stress and tension, it diffuses angry feelings with its soothing energy, making it an amazing tool when feeling under pressure. It teaches us patience and perspective, and reminds us of the power we hold within ourselves. This stone is a very good cleanser of negative energy and will effectively repel or reflect any bad vibrations. White Howlite directly resonates with the root and the crown chakra, which is an unusual combination, it allows us to fully connect with the Earth spirit and our higher spiritual selves at the same time. This stone linked with the spirit realm and can help prepare the mind for insights and wisdom to be sent, especially spiritual knowledge. It increases our interest for all knowledge and leads us to the path of true wisdom.

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